I received my life coach certification from iPEC Coaching in September 2010, and I’ve been practicing ever since. (Because I love it.)

In addition, I have studied at the School of Metaphysics and completed the first cycle of courses there, which… I can’t think of the name of right now. I’ll get back to that. But the course taught me a great deal about focus, concentration, and mindfulness, (and ironically, memory,) and I bring some of these elements into my coaching sessions where appropriate. It makes sense: being mindful of what you’re doing and why, can help you determine what is or isn’t working well for you.

I also just completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology, and I am moving on toward a master’s degree in mental health counseling. What can I say? I really love learning about how the mind works, and using that knowledge to help others feel good about themselves.

Personally speaking, I’m married and I have two very bright, busy children. In our living room on any given day you will find a TARDIS bookshelf, Doctor Who and Ghostbusters collectibles on a wall shelf, and a tub full of LEGOs. The play room may also have a Donkey Kong wall and Pac-Man wall hangings. We’re nerds, crafty nerds, and the fact that my ten-year-old believes “it’s cool to be a nerd” means I’m doing it right.